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Infographic about the use of anymous sms messages

Choose your own sender

Sending anonymous text messages using our website messages is effortless. On of our great features is choosing your own sender. for example: Pull a prank with a friend sending a sms with his boss as send identity. Or put his secret lovers name as the sender of the message.

Tip from us: Fill in a phone number of someone who knows the recipient and vice versa. If the number is saved it will be replaced with the name.

Fun guaranteed!

Real sender untraceable

It is for the receiver not possible to trace who was the real sender of the text. this makes our service perfect for great pranks or other more serious stuff which requires anonymity.

No signup needed

You do not need to signup to use our service, so no hassle with private data and passwords.

Browser based service: Works on every device!

Our free text service is 100% browser based. You can use it on your pc, laptop, smartphone or tablet without a hassle!

Works with +44 and +353 country codes

That means you can text almost everyone in the United Kingdom: People from England, (Northern-) Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Great pranks with spoofed texts

Can you imagine how your ‘victim’ would react when they get a strange, shocking or embarrassing message? Yeah, you are already chuckle inside aren’t you? 😉

Send a sms as of it comes from the police, a debt collector or the bank with our service and give them the fright of their lives!

Schedule your message

Don’t want to send the anonymous sms message immediately? No problem: You can schedule your message up to 1 year ahead of the current date. Watch out that you don’t forget it yourself! 😉