Fake text message examples

Get inspired for your next anonymous sms and use one of our great fake text message examples.

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From: Vodafone

You have been charged 73 pounds for reading this SMS.
Thanks for using Vodafone.

From: Escort Service

Your appointment is confirmed. Our escort will arrive around 23:30 at the address you’ve entered.

From: DHL

Dear Sir/Madam, our DHL Express has arrived with your new washing machine but it seems you aren’t at home. Make a new appointment (cost: £ 35).

From: Balance Notification

Dear customer, A transaction has been successful. Your new balance: £ -2,467.83

With kind regards,

From: Police

Dear Sir or Madam, someone filled a report against you. We ask you friendly to declare some facts. Contact the Police near you.

With kind regards,